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Sean Herron

My name is Sean, and I'm the Head of Information Security and Director of Engineering at Samsara. Previously, I've worked at Slack, Planet Labs, 18F, The White House, and NASA.

I work best in organizations with a strong, driven, and diverse team focused on building user-driven products and services. My passion is helping rapidly growing teams operate effectively with the latest and greatest technology.

At work, my energy is focused on helping those I work with succeed. In my spare time, my wife and I own Hawk Hill Farm, a sustainable regenerative farm in Lorane, Oregon.

I'm occasionally available for speaking engagements and consulting work. If you're interested in partnering with me, please shoot me an email!

Recent Posts

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Moving to Porkbun

A review of moving all of my domain names to Porkbun, an independent registrar in Portland, Oregon.

Moving to Porkbun
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Helping Teams Through Chaos and Uncertainty

My guiding principles for navigating 2021

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Deploying Eleventy and Tailwind CSS to Netlify - Part 2

Taking your simple site and turning it in to a working blog.